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Your message is the voice of your Brand. It should reflect your Mission and your Special purpose. It is not set in stone as it was just a decade ago. Today, situations, markets and circumstances are far more changeable and far more influenced by persons and events outside of our control than at any time previous.

We used to rely on TV and the Broadcast media to deliver carefully crafted messages to your carefully defined target audience. We used to rely on the Yellow Pages and Classified Ads in local papers. We knew that their audiences were somewhat homogenous and we crafted messages accordingly. This is no longer the case. Classified ads and the Yellow Pages don’t work; instead customers are now far more influenced by user comments and reviews in places like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Even search results are increasingly influenced by the Social Media and the users who are active participants in the new online marketing landscape.

Globalization has transformed our marketplace into an expanse of different cultures, groups, interests, values and roles. As consumers we shift roles and expectation depending on time and occasion. We each are many YOUs: YOU as the family person, parent, boss, promoter, facilitator, teacher, student and entrepreneur.  In each role we have different attitudes and needs. We are complex beings defined by roles and situation, and influenced more by peers, affinity groups and opinions, than by the conventional media. In this environment the trick is not about finding your market, it is about getting found by your market.

Social Media is particularly relevant is helping you get found. It  helps you build your brand by engaging with people in their own space on their own time and in their current situation. Social Media helps your products and services get found in the right context and with the right message. And it enables others to carry your message to their community. It is an important part new media and the new way of marketing.

My Book, How to Build Your Business Online is about how to build sustainable brands and get found by your market. It covers everything from keyword research to claiming your Google places. It cover Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), mobile marketing, content marketing, how to blog, what you need to say in a press release, video publishing and Social Media.

In our blogs and comments on this site, we will delve deeper into how you can get found and engage. But first start with the book. It is a straight-forward layman’s account of what is happening and what you need to do to and how to do it.


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