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I had not seen Jeff Skoll talking about Participation in Media when I wrote about the Age of Participation in “How to Build your Business Online”. I had no idea about Deborah Scranton and her work in using the internet and soldier participation to make the award-winning film “Ware Tapes”.  Yet Jeff and Deborah are examples of the arguments made in my book. Had I known them, then they would have been featured. Perhaps their work would have made up a full chapter on the examples of what the Age of Participation means.

In the last blog, I talked about Deborah, who created a film made and acted largely by soldiers themselves, using cameras and the internet to document their war. In her words: “using new technology to give people power to tell their own stories”.

Telling stories is what we do in marketing and the book refers often to how storytelling has moved from the broadcast media back to the individual and groups.  Listen to Jeff tell his story about Participant Productions that make a difference.


As I say in the book:

“Telling the story is no longer the exclusive domain of media. We are all able to participate and expected to do so in this new Age of Participation. As business managers we can and must engage with the new media. This book is about telling your own story. It is about the tools and strategies that you can use to be heard, participate and find your special place in your markets, your communities and in the world…”

Along the way to telling our story, we learn from others and observe what works for them. They too become part of the story. The best stories are not about us but about others, their success and what makes them so successful.

I have observed that the stories are changing and becoming more socially responsible. That is the case with Jeff Skoll of Participant Productions, making movies that inspire social change, such as “Syriana”, “Good Night, and Good Luck”, “Murderball” and “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Participant Productions is what Skoll calls a “pro-social media company,” making features and documentaries that address social and political issues and drive real change. Of course I love the name Participant Productions. It’s all about getting involved and participating to make an impact in the world – to make a difference as Jeff does.

Most of us want to make a difference and Social Media, technology and the Internet give us the tools to help us do just that.  They give our customers, our employees, friends, advocates and everybody else the tools to participate.  By participation, we are transformed into publishers and communicators. We are all part of the new Media.

The message and the media have forever changed and we as business managers and owners must facilitate all those who might carry our message, share our passion and tell our story.


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