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Ian R Clayton, CEO of AXSES INC and author of How to Build Your Business Online,  has been published in Earth Observation Magazine,Sea Technology, Computers in Education and Office Automation.  His travel writings and videos are widely available across the Net and on sites like WorldSaga.com, TravelWatchNews and in magazines like Hi Society, Big Earth TV- April 2009, Barbados By Any Means, and TravellersInsights.  He has appeared on Canadian Television and his work and company have been featured in leading journals like the New York Times and the Financial Times of Canada.

Ian has been a Chef, a Hotel General Manager and a vice president of an International Distribution company before starting his own company, AXSES Information Systems, in 1984.  He has a BA in Business and completed a year in a Master’s degree (MSc) (Computer Science ABT) at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Ians latest work is a new book in the online marketing series, for hotel and tourism professionals – See more in our Blob




I have been writing for years and I particularly like to write about people and places. It started while on a sailing trip with a rock band. We sailed on a 40″ CS Yacht. The boat left Halifax late in the year to avoid the hurricane season but early enough to get away before winter froze us into the frigid north.

We were sailing the boat for a friend who would use it in the Caribbean in the winter. We delivered the boat to Tortola and ran around that island like a bunch of lunatics.  It was a great trip with many adventures and I wrote about the people we met, the experience and of sitting on a deck feeling like a tiny pin lost in the vast expanse of the universe.

I enjoyed getting into the heads of the crew and those we met, writing not so much about behaviors, but more about motivations.  Motivation interests me.  You can get a taste of this in my Barbados Sagas of life is a small fishing village – see  http://axses.com/encyc/bta/archives/detail-memo.cfm?ID=486 .

Before that trip, I had written technical journals featured in many Trade magazines and had always been a closet poet of sorts. Poetry ran in my head like a compulsion, and I had to work hard to stop endless rhyme from consuming me.

My job as CEO of AXSES at first took me to writing about people as we built content on destinations.  Later it was blogs and journals on technology and systems.  And all the while, I was writing programs and building technology, with the AXSES  team, that held together complex solutions like e-commerce systems (arcRes.com), expert systems (RealHolidays.com) and the SocialIndexEngine.com which we launched in 2011.

My job had taken the humanity out of writing as I delved into technology and philosophy, drifting out of touch to some extent with managers and owners, perhaps like you, who do not care to know how it all works.  But, like you, they do want to understand how it can help, and to know enough to hire the right people and have the right plan.

This book has addressed that.  It is not complex and not at all technical.  It is in fact very simple.  It covers all the basics that non-technical mangers and business owners must know, in a language that is easy to read and understand. The book was inspired as result of a class I was doing with other technical types.  We needed a simple basic document that business managers, entrepreneurs and owners could understand; hence the book.

I will add more, and go a little deeper. There is so very much to cover and I am fascinated by where technology is taking us. The future, I see, is built on a new wave of entrepreneurship and small business.

The new technology, the new media and the new age of participation is, I think, a great equalizer. It will open new opportunities for many. Visionaries like Steve Jobs of Apple, and the teams at Google and Facebook have created the foundation that will help entrepreneurs to add value, build solutions, start businesses and kick-start the economy. This foundation is what we cover in the book.

I trust that this book will help many understand enough to make a difference to all. I do hope you enjoy the book and I do appreciate that you have taken the time to stop by this website.



Just for stopping by I am going to offer you our Access to our FREE Video Tutorials which I am working on to accompany the book.  Just go to  http://bonus.Howtobuildyourbusinessonlinebook.com and enter your email. You will receive a reply detailing the Tutorial we have available, even if you do not buy the book.


I would love you to buy the book, it is really the foundation for all we do in online marketing and the basis for the video tutorials. They will be more meaningful when viewed in conjunction with the book.


I  will continue to build on these videos and encourage all to sign up for our newsletters and occasional seminars. We will also add blogs and build a lively community with your comments, questions and answers.

Looking forward to our future and wishing you every success.

– Ian


More about Ian R. Clayton

Ian was born in Trinidad and has worked and lived in Europe, Canada and the Caribbean.  He has many years experience in systems design, analysis and implementation of information projects for business and tourism.  He is a pioneer in the development of Internet Database systems and MultiMEDIA Mapping technology for use in Strategic Planning, Land Information Systems and Tourism. He  is a creative and intuitive marketer and businessman with interest in the environment, humanity and actualization.

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