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If you are at all interested in publishing your own book, this will help you.  Its the 2nd part of the story of my book. The first installment is on TravelWatchNews Blog see

What it takes to publish a book in the age of participation

Big-name publishers will pay best-selling authors thousands of dollars in advance against royalties, but as an unknown author,  you have to fund your first publication yourself.

Publishing can cost over $3,500 with an editor to assist you. A Ghost writer may charge you $10,000 to do it all for you. If you have a great idea for a book, you may find a writer to co-author with you and share the cost of research and writing.

The cost to publish all depends on the publishing package you choose. Prices vary with distribution options and the help you need with design, formatting and editing. You can write in words and submit a manuscript that is un-formatted and unedited, and pay for the complete book publishing and ISBN registration service. Or you can do it all yourself for under $500.

For my First book,How to Build your Business Online, I was lucky to be part of a class where several others also wanted to publish a similar book on Marketing in their own industries. We were able to work with a team of Editors and Publishing services that took care of all on the ISBN registration and gave us all personal editing services and help in creating a successful first book launch;  all at a group rate.

With writing help and great editing, cover design, layout, proofing, and publishing the entire process was just over 2,500$. Editing alone is normally 25$ a page and that bill would have been $3600, had we not had the group-buy in place. To this one has to add cover design $300, Publishing etc $500 and Transcribing to Kindle $400. Add to that proof copies,  and a basic stock of 100 books for my own use printed and mailed, the total cost would have been well over $5000us.

Now you can do it all on your own. If you know how to format the book for print, (a bit tricky; as the pages on a press are set out in 10×16 sheets with for back-and-front printing. Just like you see when you open the book in the center. The left and right  side are printed together. You can send in a Adobe-PDF of the book and do your own editing to save several thousand dollars.

Today, digital books are outselling Paperback.  To many, the digital version is more convenient and more portable. It may also have to do with the cost of shipping. Shipping by FedEx to Barbados, can be twice the cost of a Paperback you buy on Amazon. So by all means, consider Kindle first. It’s also a lot easier to work with and you can have a very large distribution with Apple and others. Just be sure you don’t tie yourself into an exclusive contract with Kindle.  Here is a good resource on how to publish your book to Kindle:

In my book, I wanted to write more on media and the changes that are happening. I compromised leaving out traditional media which is becoming a part of the Internet. I omitted direct mail, which holds great possibilities for marketing Travel, especially with the advent of mobile which makes it all more interactive and immediate. But all that will be in my next book.

The next book I am working on right now will be about Travel. It will be a more advanced account of the technology and more philosophical. It will be called Media and Marketing for Travel: A look at the changing role of media and marketing in the age of participation. The challenge we now face is making all of that fun and easy to read.

I am also planning a third project which I am quite excited by. It is a book on the History of Travel. For this, I may team up with a mystery writer who loves the idea of exploring the origins of travel and adventure; way back to the Caribs, the Kalinago and the Amerindians who discovered and settled the Caribbean long before Columbus. Way back to the ancient civilizations that walked the Ice Bridge connecting Asia and America via Alaska and the Canadian North. Back to the Vikings and the Basque fishermen who talked of secret lands where the sea was so full of fish you could almost walk on it (the Grand Banks off Nova Scotia). From there, we move to the first explorers, the travelers, the travel writers and finally the tourists.

If you follow my blogs at all, you will know that ancient civilizations fascinate me. In marketing Dominica, I wrote several articles and stories which have subsequently become quite popular. One in particular,  about Carib Warner,  has over 1,400 subscribers.  See In Barbados I started a project  about ordinary people and their stories, their experiences, background and history – See sample at Barbados Two weeks to Judgement day

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