Book Nominated for Award Demonstrates the Power of Participation

Build Your Business Online Nominiated for Book Award

Book Nominated for Small Business Book Award

Just look at the power of participation. No one told me a thing about it, but someone nominated my book for a Small Business Book Award and some people actually voted for it.

I knew nothing about it, yet my book “How to Build your Business Online” got noticed in the Age of Participation. If you read the book you will know that that was an opening paragraph in my preface. We are in the Age of Participation now; it has only just begun and here is a personal example of how it works. Here is the text from the book:

Marketing in the Age of Participation

In a world that is increasingly mobile, where communication is immediate and where media is merging with the Internet, we are all potential consumers, suppliers and reporters. We are all participants in creating, sharing and influencing our markets and our communities. Marketing, as we know it, has fundamentally changed. The media and the message are now as diverse as the millions of people who make up our markets.”

I just looked at Deborah Scranton talking about her film “War Tapes” on

It’s a pretty moving documentary and an extreme example of the power of the individual in the Age of Participation. The film put about 20 cameras in the hands of the soldiers, in their vehicles and in the field. It is an amazing raw documentary, as well as an example of the thing we call Social Media.

I like the part where a soldier chats to another who says, “I’m not supposed to talk to media”, and he replies, ” I am not the media, damn it”.

That to me captures the essence of the change, and the power of the new conversation; when all participate and users become the media.

I will have more to say on this in the next blog. So keep watching – in the meantime please do buy my book. It will help get the book promoted and I know you will get a lot out of it.

My readers’ feedback is all very favorable. Mostly, readers are surprised at how easy it is to understand issues that previously seemed so abstract and complex. Yet even experienced online marketers get something out of it. The concepts discussed are very advanced and you will learn a lot. The book will help you understand how you can participate in the new media to build your Brand online and get more business.





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