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How to Build Your Business Online – The Book
by Ian R Clayton

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5 stars – 1 review

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Publisher: OpenSpace
Dec 5, 2011
Language: English
ISBN-10: 978146645123

stars – Highly recommended
by James Bolton, Written on

Jan 4, 2012

This book was fantastic! After months of staring at my blank website and not knowing where to even start…voila!…a roadmap of TANGIBLE steps. Fantastic tips. Highly recommended for anyone stuck in decision paralysis! .

Keyword Research, SEO, website content tips, content marketing, how to write a Press Release, how to blog, video publishing, the mobile market, Google places, reputation management, Social Media, building a network, marketing and sales.





Build Your Business Online Nominiated for Book Award

Book Nominated for Small Business Book Award

Small Business Book Awards. Nominated in Technology Category. It did not win this award but I am honoured to be included – The Book was published in December 2011, The awards were closed early in February  2012. Not much time to get votes but people did vote and we knew nothing about it all. See the Bog for the full story



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