BonusTutorials Now Available To All

Hello Everyone, I am delighted to let you know that the Bonus for buying the book are now open to everyone who visits this website. All you need to do register by filling in the form on the left. Enter your name and your primary email address and you will immediately receive several emails giving you the links to the free video tutorials.

Right now we have 3 video for you.

1. Video on Keyword Strategies for Successful Search Ranking.
This is about 15 mins. where we review the Google tool and look at how best to use it. We consider strategies based on the three ways consumers search, we look at trends and consider competition and how to assess the value of the word.

2. Video re On Page SEO.
This is vital to and marketing strategy – We look at what you must do to optimize your website and how to evalue what you already have.

3. Video on Article Marketing.
A review of how video marketing is used in the travel industry. The concepts apply to all industries, and each industry will have its own authority sites that you will need to target in your own video marketing campaign.

“How to Build Your Business Online” is attracting attention from marketing professionals and entrepreneurs around the world. It was nominated for a small business book award in technology for its direct and simple talk on how to use the internet and the new online media to promote and manage your business. It breaks down complex concepts into manageable steps so that the average business owner can understand what it takes to succeed in developing effective keyword, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine placement strategies.

Like the book, the tutorials offers practical tips that achieve immediate results in the same conversational tone with detailed video examples of what needs to be done. Real life situations are examined and worked through, revealing hidden gems and marketing secrets that create success.

With over 30 years experience in marketing and technology the insights contained in these videos will help you see and experience the keys to marketing in the new media. And with all media moving onto the Internet these techniques are all the more vital to your business.

We will be releasing more videos and webinars to supplement the information contained in the book and will soon launch a forum, in addition to our lively comments and dialogue.



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  1. Hello, I just stopped by to visit your site and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.


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