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It is an updated special version of the original book, with lots of new material and examples for hotels and tourism. With Twice the material of "Build Your Business Online" (BYBO) the new book on "How to Market Hotels and Tourism" gives you the very latest in online media and marketing strategies: No matter what business you are in. If you already have BYBO, this will take you to the next step in understanding online marketing.

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To learn how to build your business online and use the Internet to market your brand and get people to your website, read my book.

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This Book and Website is about How to Build your Business and Market Your Brand Online: To get the RESULTS you want with the skills and budget at your disposal…

You can achieve success doing what you love and also make a contribution. The Internet can help you. But first, understand the online media and how the World Wide Web Works, how it is fast becoming the New Media, and how you can build a lasting Brand using its viral power to create your online presence and influence.

“How to Build your Business Online”, is an easy-to-follow how-to-guide to building your business and marketing it online. It is aimed at business owners and managers who need to understand the fundamentals of the new media, even if they will outsource all of the work involved.

There are many choices for design, marketing and management of an online business – from free to several hundred thousand dollars – and without knowing the basics of how it all works, it is impossible to decide on how to proceed or even to know who to hire.

Furthermore, as all media move to the Net, the online options are exploding. My Book on How to Build Your Business Online covers it all, from how to get your site listed in online media, how to improve your Search Engine ranking, your Social Index and how to power your Brand with the new online media.

My Book and the information in this site and its blog will be an ongoing dialogue to help you create a sustainable brand and make sense and money from the Internet.

I am sure you will get a lot of valuable information from the book and I stand by to help you as needed with your online business, internet marketing and social media. Please contact me on our Contact Page. I am seldom available by phone unless by appointment. You may leave a message and your email and we will contact you.

Thank you for stopping by. We wish you great success with building your business online.

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